Envision Atlanta 

Envision Atlanta is a ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance established in 2017. The ministry is a response to the migration of people in the Metro Atlanta area.  Many are from the unreached people groups and still more are from countries where the C&MA missionaries can’t go. Our site is located in Clarkston, GA , east  of Atlanta

Caleb’s Nets

When our son Caleb was young, we started Caleb’s Nets (distributing mosquito nets) as a way for him to get involved with a project.  91% of all malaria occurs in Africa.  There are nearly 500,000 fatal cases of malaria each year, with children under 5 and pregnant women being the most at risk.  One of the most effective ways to prevent getting malaria is with an insecticide treated net.  We started with distributing mosquito nets to the guards in our neighborhood and over the years it has expanded to youth centers, village schools, prisoners, medical clinic outreaches, distributions in some of the neediest neighborhoods of Dakar, etc…  Our goal is to use net distributions to help open doors for ministry opportunities.  
- Stan & Jaynee Walker.

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Stan & Jaynee Walker

Stan and Jaynee Walker are International Workers with the Christian and Missionary Alliance.  They work in the African Regional Office, based in Senegal, Africa.  Stan is the assistant to the director and also the business manager. Jaynee is the African Regional bookkeeper.  Their son Caleb attends Dakar Academy.  
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