Better together

How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.

Psalm 133:1

Small groups help people connect,  grow in their faith and build community. 
 In times like these, life is just done better together.


A Missional Community is  group/community of people working together for a common purpose, i.e. a mission, outside of the regular confines of the church. The defining characteristic of a missional community is a rhythm of UPward focus, INward focus, and OUTward focus (we shorten this to Up, In and Out). Up points to our focus on our relationship with God. In points to our relationship with one another. And Out points to our relationship with the world around us. The MC is the primary vehicle we use to execute on our vision.  To learn more about missional communities please contact us.


The gathering of missional leaders who come together to be discipled, encouraged, and held accountable.
It is intended to multiply leaders to continue to serve both in and out of the church.

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